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Leistungsabzeichen Gold



Glider Aerobatics Badge - Gold



For the Gold Badge, the applicant must design and fly a Free sequence fulfilling the versatility requirements stated below. The sequence must have a mimimum K of 210 with no more than 10 figures.
The same catalogue number may be used only once, except for horizontal lines (sub-family 1.1.1) and aileron rolls (family 9.1).

The applicant must design the sequence her/himself.



The sequence must contain at least:

- From Family 2 one Rolling Turn with at least one full roll

- One figure each from Families 5 through 8

- From Family 9.1 (Aileron Rolls), 9.9 (positive Flicks) and 9.10 (negative Flicks) one half roll each

- Any kind of Hesitation Roll


General Requirements

The sequence must be flown solo in accordance with applicable legal and ATC rules within a performance zone of max. 1000 m x 1000 m x 1000 m.
Figures must be clearly separated.
The sequence must not be interrupted.
No figure may be marked "zero" in accordance with current marking criteria (Sporting Code 6, Part 2, Chapter 4 and Appendix A).

Marking Sheet - Gold

The sequence drawing (Form B), drawn by the applicant and showing the correct Aresti-symbols, must be turned in with the Marking Sheet.

Form B - Gold



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